Ebike tour through Jatiluwih and surroundings

Where does the ebike tour take you?

Jatiluwih village and the surrounding area is where you will cycle during this ebike tour. Jatiluwih is a small traditional village that is surrounded by beautiful rice terraces and is considered one of Bali’s most picturesque places. Built on the slopes of several extinct volcanoes, the hilly character of the area makes that an ebike is recommended for this tour.

It is a UNESCO World Heritage site (link) and most visitors to Bali will go there, have a brief look from the side of the road overlooking a part of the rice terraces and that’s it, they miss the best part. The UNESCO site is actually over 300 hectares and we take you on our ebike tour right through that. With this electric bike tour we aim to give you a unique and sustainable experience and show you an authentic part of Bali.


What route do you follow on the ebike?

The ebike tour (link) starts from Batukaru temple (no temple visit included) and takes you all the way to Jatiluwih village. While cycling on your ebike you will pass by plantations with sweeping views all the way to the ocean, past bamboo forest, dense jungle and several traditional villages. Upon arrival in Jatiluwih village you park your ebike near the UNESCO monument to take a well-deserved break and enjoy the first views over the massive rice terraces.

What you will see during the ebike tour

You enter with your ebike the 300 hectare active UNESCO site on the small roads built by and for farmers to be able to access their fields. You will see these farmers at work in the paddy fields, planting or harvesting or any other activity that’s being done at that part of the season. Along the way our ebike tour guides will make enough stops to give you time to take some memorable pictures and explain all there is to know about the ancient farming methods still being used today. Our ebike tour guides are actually also local farmers so they know what they are talking about and often after an ebike tour is finished they will start working on their fields

Ebike tour ends with a tasty lunch

The electric bike tour ends with a traditional Indonesian Nasi Campur lunch, served in our private ‘Green Cafe’ in the middle of the rice fields. Walk around a bit more in the rice fields for some pictures or ask the guides any other questions you may have.

A nice day out in some of the most stunning natural places Bali has to offer.

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