Renting an ebike in Sanur is a great idea for several reasons

Riding an ebike is convenient and eco friendly

Sanur is a relatively small town on the east coast of Bali, it is divided into 2 main parts by a main road (the Bypass). Most people stay on the beach side part of it and never get to discover the interesting and rarely visited by tourists other side of the town, it is just too far but by renting an ebike it becomes easily accessible. Because of the tropical climate here in Bali, riding an ebike is more comfortable than a regular bike as it will be less sweaty because of the assistance provided by the engine.

Renting an ebike saves time and money

You can cover a lot more ground on an ebike compared to walking but you are still doing a healthy activity. Renting an ebike is relatively cheap compared to renting a car with a driver. Sanur is riddled by very small roads, called ‘gang’, and in many of these cars cannot even come because they are too wide.

Ebikes are easy to use

Even for someone who has never ridden one before. Plus the staff at “Bluewheels Ebike Rental’ (link) where you can rent the best city ebikes for this activity will give you a quick orientation on how to safely use the ebike.

Cycling on an ebike is good for your health

Cycling on an ebike is a fun and low-impact way to exercise and stay active while on vacation. Also, because riding an ebike in Sanur gives you the opportunity to explore more of this authentic Balinese town and interact with its people, you will automatically go cycling more than if you would not have rented it. (link)

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